Cost reducion of operations

He has set up management teams , with members coming from several countries.
Was elected chairman of one of the sectors of the CEPE.

Turn around management
He has restored profitability of companies, having increases Return-on-Sales from zero till 10 %.

He has been involved in acquisitions of companies in the range of EUR 15 to 50 Million.

Has been successfully selling business of loss making parts of the company, on the basis of a Contribution Margin Valuation concept.

Marten van der Meer has had the following positions: R&D manager Architectural Coatings Strategic Planning department of leading paint company Marketing Manager Industrial Coatings General manager of General Industrial Coating Business unit General manager of a Aerospace Coatings JV General manager of a Protective & Marine Coatings company.

MSc ( Doctoraal) in Physical & polymer Chemistry at the university of Groningen( the Netherlands). International Marketing Management at the IMI (Geneva) Management training, by teachers from INSEAD, MIT and IMI.

MartenConsultancy | Dorpsstraat 58 | 2211 GD | Noordwijkerhout | The  Netherlands

Telephone (office):  (+) 31  252 377 025 | Cell: (+) 31 630 666 681 |  Fax:  (+) 31 252 340 322

Chamber of Commerce of Lisse 28117320

Curriculum Vitae

Team Builder
No nonsense and down to earth
Goal oriented
Quick  assessment of problems
All-round in the coatings industry