Cost reducion of operations


Your business is growing, and you see opportunities to grow your sales and export to other European countries, or even to CIS countries, or the Middle  East or Africa ?
How to sell?
Hiring staff in foreign countries ? Or appoint a distributor, of try to find an agent ? Or perhaps you are considering to grant a license for manufacturing and marketing ?

MartenConsultancy is offering consulting services in the following areas of expertise:
  •           Selling through own sales force, or go via third parties.                         What are the key factors to make that decision.
  •           Distributors
                            How to select them?
                            What are the critical items in the contract ?
  •           Agents
                            The DO's and DON’T’s with agents.
                            What are the selection criteria
                            critical contract issues.
  •           Licensees
                            How to take a license / How to grant a license?
                            How to select the right partner
                            Critical contract issues
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